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Complaints over comfort, air quality, and HVAC efficiency are often the result of dirty ductwork. While the duct system is easy to overlook, the integrity directly impacts the amount and cleanliness of heated and cooled air. Conditioned air travels through the network of pipes multiple times per day. Keeping the duct system in the best possible shape is a priority at Service Now. We specialize in professional duct cleaning, providing prompt, cost-effective service across North Canton, OH and surrounding areas.

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Throughout our years of experience, our NATE-certified, factory-authorized specialists have found all sorts of unpleasant things in local duct systems. Any accumulation of dust, dander, pollen, webs, bugs, mold, bacteria, and decomposing pests affects the smell, health, and enjoyment of the home. Obstructions within the system compromise the efficiency, reliability, capacity, and longevity of heating and cooling equipment. Taking advantage of state-of-the-art tools and technology, Service Now completes a meticulous and thorough procedure to optimize performance. This service is quick, causes no mess or damage, and delivers long-term rewards for our customers throughout North Canton, Canton, Green, Massillon, Akron, Orrville & Wooster, OH.

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